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Lead Generation

Elevate your lead generation efforts with our secure front-end solution. Easily master affiliate management, while fine-tuning marketing strategies for optimized results and unparalleled success.

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Data Management

Optimize your data management with real-time validation and deduplication. Our platform efficiently processes and tags your data, delivering automated transaction messages for exceptional accuracy and efficiency.

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Lead Distribution

Enhance your lead distribution with customer management, sales automation, and precise revenue tracking. Access comprehensive sales statistics and automate delivery schedules for maximum growth.

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Data is the Gold of the 21st Century

LeadHub combines the features of a data management system with modern marketing attributes. It's the connection of lead generation, validation, transactional processes and sales automations with affiliate tracking technologies, that makes us unique. It has been developed for advertisers and lead generation companies, that distribute their leads to multiple clients or departments. Our clients operate in various industries from finance and insurance to multi-level marketing and digital products. Improve your direct marketing processes and qualify your leads with a single software!

Everything you need

All-in-one platform

Simplify your lead processes from initial data capture to final customer acquisition for frontend developers, marketing, sales, and executives

Data Protection Compliant
Ensuring data security, privacy, and compliance, always safeguarding sensitive information.
Build, Integrate, & Connect
Create your landing page with LeadHub or effortlessly connect through API or our widget.
Validate & Verifiy
Automatically validate incoming data and verify contact details with automated transaction messages.
Marketing Automation
Connect and monitor your marketing sources seamlessly and effectively.
Manage your Data
Efficiently tag, enrich, and oversee your gathered leads.
Sell your Leads smartly
Automatically direct your leads to the appropriate recipients with precision.

LeadHub lifted us to a new level

"LeadHub transformed our insurance company's operations. With LeadHub's streamlined lead capture and real-time validation, we achieved a 30% increase in lead conversion rates within just three months. The platform's intuitive interface simplified lead distribution and enhanced customer management. Our team leveraged LeadHub's powerful reporting tools for data-driven decisions, resulting in a 20% boost in revenue. LeadHub's tailored solutions seamlessly integrated with our systems, and its dedicated support team ensured a smooth transition. Thanks to LeadHub, we now efficiently manage leads, optimize sales, and propel our insurance business to new heights."

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